atelier:performance #2 - Kaori Yamamoto & Felix Roadkill

   29.11.2015 // 6pm 

Felix Roadkill *1989, based in Berlin, studied Cultural Sciences and Aesthetic Practice at Hildesheim University and has been developing his own artistic work since 2011 in an interdisciplinary field between performance art, installation and theatre. He has exhibited internationally at numerous festivals and art events. For atelier:performance #2 Roadkill performed FUCHS 5. This work is part of a performance series in which he deals with the changing relationship to his hometown Dresden ever since the first PEGIDA demonstrations in fall 2014.

Photos: Ilka Theurich

- - - - -

Kaori Yamamoto *1991, comes from Kagawa (Japan) and received 2014 her BA in metal design at the City University of Hiroshima. Since 2015 she is in the Master's program and studies sculpture. 2015/2016 Yamamoto was a guest student at the Hochschule Hannover.
Yamamoto questioned in her work her own personal energy in terms of the room, the audience and the society. For atelier:performance #2, the artist gave us a few sentences for her action: 

"The mouth has various functions,
eating, speaking, singing, shouting
The function of the mouth is big energy"


Photos: Ilka Theurich